Tammy Fender Q&A

WILLOW: Where do you live?

TAMMY: I live in a little town called Village of Golf, Florida, which I love for all of its wildlife and for its sense of warmth and community. To me, coming through the gates feels likes a sanctuary. 



WILLOW: Where is your favorite place in the world to travel?

TAMMY: I love to escape to Great Harbour Cay, Bahamas, and the Berry Region of France, but I’m also dreaming of a trip to Thailand and Bhutan. 



WILLOW: What are you go to products for a long flight?

TAMMY: In-flight, I focus on supporting the skin’s natural environmental barrier, protecting the skin from potential toxins and sealing in precious moisture. The combination I recommend most often is Quintessential Serum under a layer of Spontaneous Recovery Crème, our richest formulation. 

WILLOW: What is your morning ritual for your skin?

TAMMY: The way I approach skin care is through holistic living, so my morning routine supports health and beauty on many levels, for the heart and the mind, but also the complexion. I spend my first hour after waking in quiet devotion and meditation, then, before I do anything else, I drink water with lemon, to alkanize the system and to encourage detoxification. I cleanse my face with Lavender and Fo-Ti Cleansing Milk, which is so gentle, and follow with soothing Roman Chamomile Tonic. Throughout the day I also use deeply reparative Quintessential Serum. 

WILLOW: What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? What are your go to snacks for healthy mind & body?

TAMMY: I love fresh juices—they are an amazing fuel. Our bodies so easily absorb that raw plant power. (Apple-Lemon-Ginger-Cinnamon is a light and easy favorite.) But I also enjoy a delicious just-ripe avocado on a toasted pita pocket, prepared with fresh sliced tomato and chopped herbs from the garden. 



WILLOW: What is your go to outfit?

TAMMY: I wear loads of white—almost every day–everything from embroidered white tunics and flowing skirts to white jeans and Tretorns.



WILLOW: What is your fav Tammy Fender product and why?

TAMMY: I have different favorite formulas at different times of my life, and according to my changing needs. It depends on which plants I’m feeling particularly drawn to—I go through phases. Right now, for example, as it’s summer and I’m spending lots of time with my kids, I’m really appreciating our all-botanical hand sanitizer, The Purist, and Clarifying Dermagel, which I designed to treat breakouts, but which also works so well to combat inflammation generally, and especially in soothing bug bites.

WILLOW: What are your tips for ladies in their 20s 30s and 40s:

TAMMY: During your 20s, it’s so beneficial to develop a nurturing, holistic skincare routine. Using products that are natural and pure can keep your skin safe from premature aging. But it’s also important to remember that, most often, less is more. Protecting skin from toxins, and maintaining a simple and pure routine is best. The 30s present an important time in caring for skin holistically, preventing imbalances while slowing the aging process. The key for this age group is good circulation, which brings essential nutrients to all the skin tissues, and repairing skin by using potent and pure formulas during the sleeping hours—and getting enough sleep. For women in their 40s, maintaining a gentle, consistent anti-aging routine is important, as is being flexible, continually responding to the skin’s evolving needs. Instead of relying on quick-fixes and potentially damaging new treatments, I also encourage clients to embrace the long-game, continually restoring and healing the skin, while building up its defenses. 



WILLOW: What type of music do you listen to?

TAMMY: I love all different kinds of music—and I listen to such a wide variety, everything from very inspiring devotional music to the latest pop dance tracks by Justin Timberlake.



WILLOW: What is your fav restaurant in Palm Beach?

TAMMY: Island Bee and The Breakers—to watch the waves roll in while eating a delicious salad there is wonderful.


WILLOW: What is your most difficult ingredient to source?

TAMMY: We are so rigorous in our sourcing of every ingredient—it’s a big part of what we do, and I’m utterly committed to maintaining the integrity and the purity of our ingredients.  Our commitment to transparency means our botanical ingredients, whether wild-crafted or organically grown, can been traced back to the seed. 



WILLOW: What is your fav essential oil and why?

TAMMY: I don’t think I could name just one. In the mornings I like to choose which essence will best suit my day. Rosemary is an instant pick-me-up, clarifying the senses. Pure essence of Rose connects with the heart chakra, instilling such a warm sense of ease and peacefulness. Sandalwood gives me a feeling of groundedness. It’s calm and steady. 



WILLOW: What is your fav thing to teach new clients?

TAMMY: My approach to caring for the skin touches every aspect of our lives, but one of the most important things to remember is that what we put into our bodies is just as important as what we put onto the skin—and vice versa. Diet and caring for the skin are intimately related. 



WILLOW: Tell us in a few words some of the benefits of practicing dry bushing.

TAMMY: Dry brushing is great for activating the lymphatic system, and increasing circulation, while also supporting the natural detoxification process and good immune health. I’m a big fan. Read more about dry brushing here

WILLOW: Do you take any daily supplements?

TAMMY: I don’t take any manufactured supplements, but prefer raw and natural remedies like Turmeric, a powerful antioxidant. I grow Turmeric in my garden and juice the roots. 



WILLOW: What products are in your handbag every day? 

TAMMY: In my purse you’ll find a travel-sized bottle of either Bulgarian Rose Water or Roman Chamomile Tonic, which I just throughout the day to revive and re-center. Usually there might be a bottle of essential oil in there, as well s two Burts Bees lip balms. And I always carry of pump bottle of The Purist, our all-natural botanical hand-sanitizer, full of non-drying germ-fighting remedies.

WILLOW: Any upcoming news for the Tammy Fender brand you’d like to share?

TAMMY: We are in the planning and dreaming phase while working on several projects that will help those who are interested experience new depths in holistic living. 



WILLOW: Any good summer reads you would recommend?

TAMMY: Right now I am enjoying The Blue Zones.



Experience Tammy Fender at Willow in Rosemary Beach, Fl. If you would like more information on our Tammy Fender products, give Mauria a call at (850) 231-0433 or email us at vip@wearwillow.com. We love to ship!

C + C Edit: April 2017

We’re back with the monthly edit from Willow owners Celia + Cindy! Our Spring arrivals are nothing short of AMAZING, and these are at the top of our favorites list this April. You definitely don’t want to miss our ombre beach bag collection or our custom Willow 30A beach bag collection. Along with other fab and functional on trend pieces, scroll down to see what owners Celia + Cindy are obsessing over this month.


The Willow + Mercer Experience

Hello fashionistas! Long time, no blog. Don’t worry, we have good stuff coming your way all year long.

First up, starting in 3…. 2…. 1….

Readers, take a moment to imagine your dream shopping adventure. What draws you in? What all would you love to find? What keeps you there for hours on end? What if we told you this utopia is real? Yep, we said it. Continue scrolling to see for yourself!

One New York City afternoon, inspiration struck Cindy & Celia as they were strolling Mercer Avenue when they found the intersection where street style meets beach style. Shortly after, our dream shopping adventure became a reality!

Today, we are taking you on the ultimate Willow + Mercer experience. Established in 2015, Mercer, the newest addition to the Willow family, is located at 30Avenue in Inlet Beach, Florida.

One word to describe the entire Mercer experience from the rack to the fitting room? Fabulous. The lifestyle boutique embodies a confident, savvy and high end style that is city-chic and on trend. The expansive space features a shoe salon, bar area and colorful lounge, in addition to an array of product offerings including apparel and accessories, intimates, home decor and furniture, beauty products and gifts.

Among the numerous fashion forward, yet classic designer lines showcased on the gilded racks are Rag & Bone, Raquel Allegra, The Great, Loeffler Randall and Xirena. For those who want to indulge, stylists and personal shoppers are always on staff to help you create your own Mercer style. Whether you’re classic simplicity, daringly dramatic or edgy chic, Mercer has something for you. Shoppers can discover new designers and leave with a style that works just as easily along 30A as it does in the cities from which they travel.

Aside from offering the best of in-demand fashion lines and industry expertise, shoppers experience a glamorous atmosphere with an aesthetic fused from Ibizan elements, urban texture, glossy details and coastal luxury. The mixture of modern and vintage combine to allure and inspire all who enter.

Our interior design is courtesy of the wonderful Lee Kleinhelter, owner of Pieces in Atlanta.

If you’re ready to embrace shopper’s paradise, Willow + Mercer is your destination. Park right in front, come on in and make yourself at home. Champagne or Rose anyone? It’s on us!

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