Bright Eyeliner: How to Wear It

Magazines are talking about it, celebrities are wearing it (…Lupita nyong’o rocked it on the red carpet!) Heck, even your 14-year-old daughter is opting for the colorful eyeliner. The only problem? We don’t want to look 14. If colored eyeliner scares you, take these tips from xojane contributor, Michelle King, on how to wear it without flashing back to your younger days (or the 80’s).

1. Pick a color that will compliment your eye color (don’t match the color to your eyes!) If you have green eyes, opt for a purple liner; if you have brown eyes, olive greens do the trick; if you have hazel eyes, purple is extremely flattering; and if you have blue eyes, dark blue and copper are just a few of the colors that work well with your eye color.

2. contabilità Take into account that when creating a funky eye, keep the rest of your face simple (and vice versa – bright lip, simple eye). Don’t wear pink lipstick when using bright eyeliner! Opt for light lip colors or natural lip colors instead.

3. Keep the colored eyeliner as close to the lid as possible so that it blends with the eye.

4. Again, keep your look simple! Add a messy ponytail and a nude lip, and you’ve just perfected the colorful eyeliner craze!

So, forget using your typical black eyeliner this summer. DROP your beauty routine! Shake things up and add a little color to your life. Check out the three colors we chose from Mac Cosmetics for our summer beauty routine!
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