Celia’s Christmas Wish List

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1. Moisturizing oil…my skin gets so dry in the winter so I want to try this face oil with spf!

2. I collect anything gold and have quite a collection of brass trays..but can always use more! You can do so many things with them. I love to hang them on the wall like art!

3. If you have ever been to our online store WearWillow.com, it doesn’t take you long to see that we are obsessed with ponchos! Sometimes its fun to get clothes from somewhere that is a surprise! You can get this one here!

4. Seasoned salts…love cooking with these and giving them as gifts, but look how gorgeous the colors can be!live streaming film Brommers Kiek’n

5. I am over the moon with my bamboo sheets, so I can only imagine how dreamy this bamboo blanket is! You spend half your life in the bed…make it count 🙂

6. Love my morning cup of coffee and it it isn’t in one of these glass cups, it just isn’t the same. Somehow I am down to only 1, so I need more!Review Android Smartphone

7. Vitamix…the end all be all of blending! I go through at least 1, if not 2 a year. I just need to bite the bullet and buy the king!

8. Well I mean…aim for the stars right?????

9. Art…I would be happy if this was my gift for every holiday. I love Catherine B Jones art and would a happy girl if this were under my tree!

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