Cindy’s Christmas Wish List



1. Fedora:  How gorgeous is the color of this hat?! I do not have a grey in my collection of hats so would love to get this!

2.Stella McCartney Clutch:  I got a bag last year but I am obsessed with this color and of course love a clutch!

3. Vitamix:  I have been wanting this for so long.  So I thought I might as well have it on my Christmas list!

4. Camera:  I have been wondering for years how this is not out yet.  A camera that can send your pics over wifi to be put on facebook or instagram.  WE totally need this at Willow and I want another one for personal use.  A girl can dream right?!?

5. Tennis bag:  I have finally checked something off my bucket list and picked up tennis this fall and joined the seaside tennis team.  I do not have a tennis bag and just show up with my racket and holding all of the other things in my hand.  I have had trouble finding one that I actually like until I came upon this one.  So clean and simple!!!

6. Devotional:  I usually get a devotional every year for Christmas and this is my Mom’s favorite so I added it to my list!

7. Garmin fitness band:  I think this would be so much fun to have.  I can see myself totally obsessing over how much I have moved though.

8. Pajamas:  I have talked about my Eberjey pajamas in several other post but I LOVE this print and I am needing a new pair!

9. Heels:  How fun are these heels!  Would like to have these to go with several of my outfits!