Designer Spotlight: Ulla Johnson

ullaWe discovered Ulla Johnson several years ago at a small show for “up and coming” вместо designers. A most coveted part of our buying trips, we love to find a new designer. One that hasn’t hit mainstream yet and isn’t too cool to not be at the show telling all about the inspiration of this season’s collection. (One of the many reasons we love Lauren Moffatt..she’s always there in person) anyway, sadly we didn’t meet Ulla, but we can only imagine how cool and chic she is.
We were lured in by her gorgeous detail and fabrics. Everything was, again, so relaxed and easy breezy but very cool. Think boho meets very chic NYC.
We were hooked. And she’s never disappointed.
We saw her fall 2014 line last September and I walked around in a daze for 3 days just thinking of how beautiful her collection was and where I was going to wear the pieces. I’m being serious…haha! I still daydream of her sweaters and this  FABULOUS coat that I may just sleep in.

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