Essential Oils


If there was a world rep for everything holistic and organic, Celia Tucker, owner of Willow Boutique, would be the front runner. When she’s not tending to her baby Hux; scouring the internet for the best bomber jacket (hello, new trend!) ; and meeting with new reps for the Willow brand , she’s eating healthy (avocado, autores coconut nibs and beets – yes, I said beets) exercising and going green. It’s no surprise that she glares at me when I bring Subway into the office from my lunch break. Even Subway is a no, no!

“It’s loaded with preservatives,” she reminds me.

When all is said and done, Celia is the gal that keeps us on track around these parts.

As I was in the office yesterday putting together a graphic for a flyer, she pulled out a bag of oils from her purse followed by a huge grin. I could tell she was getting excited by the way she carefully placed them onto the table, one by one. She began making gestures and talking slowly as if I was going to miss some crucial piece of information about each one.

Thirty minutes passed, and I had all of the facts I needed to write this post. I knew words like “tea tree” and “blended oils” and felt well informed on the subject, so today, consider me an advocate of Celia and her oils! Read below to find out what they do and why C thinks they’re so great!


“doTERRA (above) come in a million different fragrances and combinations. You can get pure lavender oil or just a blend. I like the blends cause it’s like killing two birds with one stone!”


Serenity: “I started with Serenity which I rub on my feet at night time and it helps you sleep. I do it every night! Fell in love with it and that’s why I purchased the others.”


Balance – “I tend to take on a lot of things at one time, so this helps me stay balanced. When i’m stressed, I use it. I put it on the tip of my nose and behind my ears. I have really sensitive skin and haven’t had any problems with these oils. A good tip:  if I open a bottle and the smell doesn’t appeal to me, it’s not for me.”



Breathe – “Great for respiratory. My one year old had a cold and I put this on his chest (mix it with coconut oil though – it’s strong smelling!)”


Melaleuca – “also known as “tea tree”. It has a regenerative property use for you skin. Sore throats, canker soars, tooth aches and infections, cuts bruises and poison from plants, insect bites. I think this one is really good for your actual skin like sunburn and breakouts. I have had skin cancer spots and I think this is really good for that. This smell is either a love or hate – it’s strong.”


Do you use oils? If so, what are your favorites and in what ways do you use them?