How to Choose the Best Workout for You!


Like everyone else, things are always coming up in the mornings for me to do. If it’s not work it’s kids; so for me to get to work out 3 days a week I am doing good. A perfect workout week for me would be to go to Pure Barre twice, Pilates twice and yoga once. That way in Pure Barre I am working my muscles hard, in pilates I am working my core and stretching the muscles out and in yoga I am stretching, strengthening, and getting my body centered. With all of these workouts, I do not leave too sweaty so sometimes I enjoy running home afterwards and thankful that I live in a town where I can do that. Celia and I are starting yoga with Kelli this week, so Yoga may transition into something I do more often.


Ashley opened Pure Barre in August of 2010 and I have been doing pure barre ever since. For me, it’s one of those workouts that I know is working the muscles on my body that need to geopend be worked. If I do not do Pure Barre regularly I can hardly walk the next day. It’s a full body workout, with your arms, legs, thighs, stomach and so much more. I love the upbeat music they play so it makes it fun! Memori usually teaches the class time that I prefer to go to and she is one tough cookie! She’s great at making it hard but explaining the correct positions to get in. It definitely takes some coordination to do pure barre and several times to understand the positions. I still have trouble figuring out what to do in the sitting positions. Lift, tone, burn!!!

PURE-BARRE-2PURE-BARRE-1PURE-BARRE-outfitPure Barre Top | Pure Barre Leggings | Socks

PILATESPilates is my new favorite workout. I started a couple months after my shoulder surgery to help strengthen my core and get more flexible. I am currently doing my workout one on one with Kelly at the Watercolor gym on a pilates reformer. We do it in the back room so there are lots of people coming in and out but it usually doesn’t bother me. The watercolor gym is so busy! Kelly has done a great job at knowing what my shoulder can do and getting my tight muscles to stretch out. I feel taller every time I leave class and my posture is improving. Pilates has made my body leaner and more toned than it has been in a while.

Pilates-2Pilates-1PILATES-outfitPilates Top | Pilates Bottoms

Balance Health Studio was opened by Kelli Precourt in 2006 and Health Studio is exactly what it is. They do everything from Yoga to spin to chiropractic and acupuncture. There is so much to learn about while visiting Balance. <span style="color: #000000;”>Yoga can be very intimidating. There are people who practice yoga daily. Who wants to be the girl sitting on the mat next to the crazy talented yogi. We are not flexible at all and can’t come close to doing a handstand…but would love to one day!

 We both enjoy yoga immensely, but getting to a class with our jam-packed schedules with Willow, kids, dogs and life can be tough. Balance has several different yoga classes throughout the week to cater to all lifestyles and levels of yoga challenge anyone is looking for. Owner Kelli Precourt does a great job making you feel welcome, relaxed and like you are the only person in the room. Yoga will build your strength, increase your flexibility and help you find your inner peace; something we ALL need.
Unlike something like running, yoga is something that you can practice for the rest of your life. Whether you start when you are 20 or 65, Kelli feels it is the best form of exercise to take on for any life style. And one last note, Celia started taking yoga with Kelli when she was 6 months pregnant and if you are expecting, it is a wonderful way to keep your body moving and at as much peach as you can be pregnant. 

4Moves123YOGA-OUTFITIf you’re looking for something upbeat and fast paced, Pure Barre is the workout for you. If you’re looking for something more one-on-one, engaging your mind and a bit more challenging, we recommend Pilates. If you like mental discipline, breathing techniques and strengthening your core, Yoga embodies these qualities.

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