Kaylyn’s first pair of designer skinnies!


I live in jeans. In fact, as I just typed that sentence, I chuckle because I’m wearing a pair right now. See what I mean? There is something about jeans that I love – the comfort; the fact that they go with everything I own; and, if chosen the right pair, they can be extremely figure flattering (lord knows I got a booty!)

The problem? My jeans aren’t true designer jeans! There are things in life that I don’t mind splurging on, but expensive jeans (and sunglasses…because I always seem to lose them) usually are not one of them. Why? I am really tough on my clothes! My husband makes fun of me because I cannot go a day without tearing or spilling something on what I am wearing. Words like “klutz”, “clumsy” and “butterfingers” apply to people like me or as Carrie Bradshaw would phrase it, “I will never be the woman with perfect hair, who can wear white and not spill on it.” That line was written for me, y’all.

I got a call from C&C the other week asking me to bring my favorite pair of jeans to the store because they wanted to do a blog post on denim. I totally panicked (and I may have said a few choice words). Total embarrassment set in because the jeans I wear are not picture worthy, let me tell you. Ain’t gonna happen!

Since that day, C&C have been mentioning that I come in to Willow in Rosemary Beach and try on the different pairs of jeans they have. I didn’t argue with them because I knew it was time I invest in a good pair.

For those of you like me who need a solid pair of designer jeans, this post is for you! I’ll walk you through my experience and tell you why I picked the pair that I picked.

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-1605" src="http://blog.wearwillow.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Skinny3.png" alt="Skinny3" width="600" height=”400″ />

First, you won’t find a more y knowledgeable bunch of girls who know their jeans better than the ones at Willow. I told them I needed a good pair of skinny jeans, so we ruled out all of the other selections they had available (regular cut, cargo, boot cut – too many to name!) From there, they asked my size and immediately knew what size I would wear in any jean (because all jeans differ! Some run small, some true to size, etc). It was comforting to know I didn’t have to hassle with sizing!

Skinny4Jeans-1I’m in love with this jean, and I’m not just saying that. I usually wear a size 27 but since these run a tad smaller, I tried on the 28 and it fit like a glove. Literally THE most comfortable jean. I kept saying, “I could run in these!”  Looking at these pictures…i’m going to have to go back and get these! It’s no wonder the name is “stiletto”, they’re perfect with heels!


I really did like this jean, but not as much as the first one. These were super tight on (like skin tight!) and I’m not sure I like the whiskering on the front of the pants. However, these have such a great coloring!! Look at that blue!!

Jean-3PERFECT fit and such a sexy pair of jeans. Again with the fading, I’m not sure I’m sold on it for my body type (I feel like it draws attention to my thighs) but hot dang, is that my butt?!


See that smile? Winner, winner! These puppies went home with me! This jean fit me in all the right places, made my legs look great and the gray was so chic with the perfect touch of fading. They look MIGHTY good hanging in my closet!


This pair of jeans was truly a great jean. Again, I LOVE the gray! However, since I tried on the other gray pair first these didn’t live up to the above ones, but they were extremely comfortable. A great neutral jean!

I hope my first designer skinny experience will help you with yours. I couldn’t imagine buying jeans at any other place than Willow. With a knowledgeable staff, great selection and friendly service, Willow is THE go-to for denim (…and  for everything else, who am I kidding?!)

I’ll leave it to Celia: “I say this all the time to people like you and husbands who freak out when they see how $$ jeans can be. I can justify the price of jeans ALL DAY LONG. If you take the time to get fitted for the right pair of jeans for your figure, you will fall in big love! They will become your second skin. Not only will you wear them 2-3 times a week, but if you buy the right pair, you will have them for many years…like 5 or even more. So if you divide out the price of an average pair of designer jeans, let’s say $180, by how many days you will wear them in those 3 years, or heck even 1 year…JUSTIFIED!!! Splurge on your basics, jeans, great tees, sunglasses, cashmere sweaters, a good black blazer, a great solid color dress and they will last you years and years. Then you just build around those fabulous basics every season with the latest and greatest trends. #1 staple in every modern day lady’s closet should absolutely be a fantastic pair of jeans that make you feel skinny and sexy!!! So splurge..you will never look back!