Pyrrha Necklaces

One of our favorite things to do as boutique owners/buyers is to find new designers, wether it be clothing, jewelry, art or anything creative, and begin a relationship. I love nothing more than meeting a young and fresh designer, hearing their story and bringing their pieces into Willow for our customers. “To watch them grow and evolve and to be a very small part of that in some form or fashion, may be the reason I have a store,” says Celia.

Pyrrha is one of those lines! We found them at some small market when Willow had just opened. We met the uber-cool couple who created Pyrrha and still to this very day, makes these amazing pieces. We just adored them and fell in love with their jewelry. Very soon after, so did our customers.

Each piece or talisman is cast from ancient wax seals that the designers have found traveling the world. Talisman is an object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck. Each piece comes with it’s own special meaning. For example, the Fresh Start Talisman Necklace features a rooster which symbolizes new beginnings, as in the dawn of a new day. Many believe the rooster has the ability to ward off evil spirits with courage and perseverance.

One is just as cool and the next one. I love to just watch our customers stand over all of them just reading and smiling. You can Írjátok tell when they have found “the one”. It is just the piece that speaks to you that day or your past year or for a special friend.

And then you get addicted and get more; they really look coolest layered in sets of 2 or 3, mixing the bronze and the silver. Check them out this summer when you visit. You will fall in big love too!