What’s In Our Bag

C&C are off to NYC today! If you follow their Instagram, it’s no surprise that they’ve made this trek before…many times. In fact, they average around 5 market trips a year! With two girls who are so accustomed to jet setting, we couldn’t help but ask them their travel essentials! So…what’s in their bags? Read below to find out!

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(1) Purse: My baby Chanel…my christmas present from my husband so it’s still new to me! I always have a baby bag in my big one. Usually I only carry a baby one…filled to top with stuff!
(2) iPad Mini: for taking pics of all our loot we find at market! Phone: It’s attached to me! Notebook:   I feel like my best ideas sometimes come from plane trips. So I am ready to take notes!
(3) Jewelry:  I always always put my jewels in my carry on for fear of my bag Services getting lost or stolen. CIndy never does and I stress for her baubles every time! But they always make it.
(4) Food:  I am a “have-to-eat every hour or two” girl, so I keep these for those moments.
(5) Magazines:  because I am bad flyer and I have to keep myself busy the whole flight. No sleeping for this girl!
(6) Oils:  I am loving these essential oils right now. I have one for everything you could need. These are good for morning and night. Balance…is my fav! I could drink it! When I am feeling a little tense I rub some on my hands and neck..ahhhhhh! The other is for winding down after my crazy filled long days. Chapstick:  is my absolute #1 addiction!! Never leave home without it! Just found their hand creme too.
(1) Scarf: it’s a Vince cashmere scarf. I always get cold in the airport and plane rides, so I like to bring it to wrap around me.
(2) Wallet: Louis Vuitton, I’m the one in charge with our cash and receipts at market so I’ve got to take my wallet everywhere!
(3) Hair brush:  the “wet” brush…best brush ever!!!
(4) Crayons:  Must still be in my bag from our last trip when my whole family and I went skiing! And the bow would be my daughter, Mae’s, whose hair stays in her eyes, but won’t keep a bow in her hair to keep it out!
(5) Visine:  my eyes dry out why traveling so I like to keep it handy to re-moisturizer.
(6) iPad:  I’m always reading a new book and I read them off of my kindle app on my iPad. Would love to say I read lots of non fiction but I’m a sucker for a romance novel. We also take pictures with our iPads and take notes on the clothes we see at market.
(7) Pouch: Rebecca Norman. I love to always have a pouch in my purse so if I’m running in somewhere I can drop what I need in there and just bring that.
(8) Neocutis eye balm:  got to keep my eyes moist to prevent more wrinkles from appearing!


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