30A: Bud & Alley’s, Seaside, Florida

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“If you’ve been to 30a and haven’t been to Bud & Alley’s, then you haven’t been to 30a! Bud & Alley’s is probably the most well-known spot down here. And if you’ve been, you know why. The best place along 30a to sit at a bar, sip on a cocktail and overlook our amazing beach. And the sunset!! …No words can express. Some of my most fun times here at the beach have been at Bud & Alley’s. Friends, a glass of wine, a football game, fantastic sunsets, the gorgeous gulf and fun music…is this place really in my backyard?? Oh…try the sweet potato fries and their tuna dip!!” -Celia


“When it comes to after work or sunset drinks, Bud & Alley’s is the original and continues to be the best on 30a. Not only is this a great spot for drinks, the food is also outstanding. This is a fun spot to leave the kids behind and start off your evening…unless your Celia who will bring a baby to a bar!…just kidding!” -Cindy


“I had the panne chicken and it was excellent яблонь as usual. I started ordering this a few years back and can’t seem to change to anything else!” -Cindy


“If Niçoise salad is on the menu, it’s my go to choice. It’s light and healthy. Great meal for the beach, especially if you are rocking a bikini!” -Celia