Beautiful Hostess Gifts

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As you may or may not know, we are southern girls! One from mississippi and one from alabama and our mamas taught us to never show up empty handed for a party. So instead of taking sugar cookies or the common bottle of wine, we came up with some beautiful and original hostess gifts for this seasons holiday parties. Some are DIY some are budget friendly and some are a little more pricey. We would love to receive some of these so we figured what hostess wouldn’t!!

Small Succulent Arrangement.

1. Succulents are GREAT gift idea!! I love that they are easy to take care of and I like giving something already put together. They are always green and the colors match everything. They also make great center pieces.

Gourmet Herbed Salts recipe and tutorial - easy and affordable gift - neighbor gifts, wedding favors, etc.

2. I love salts because they are so usable. It’s and easy DIY or if you don’t want to DIY you can find them online. You can can get really creative with label and container to make it more personal!

Custom Note Pads Personalized / Logo by PaperPleaseStudio on Etsy

3. Anything personalized makes somebody think you really put some thought into it! These are so easy to find on Etsy. Find me a woman who doesn’t love something personalized!! They are so pretty, you don’t even have to wrap it!

5 Coffee Table Books We Love | The Daily Dose

4. Coffee table books are such a crowd pleaser!! There is a book out there for any hobby whether planting, dogs, cooking, fashion or even design. You can easily find these on amazon or your local book store! We love Tracery’s in-store selection.

DIY Organic Liquid Hand Soap | Lia Griffith

5. Everyone uses soap! There are so many beautiful soaps out there and lots of beautiful packaging to go with any home. Such and easy inexpensive gift!!

Be sure to check out our hostess gift Pinterest board for more great ideas!!