How to Style Ponchos


Ponchos are one of this fall’s HOTTEST trends!! They are so easy to just throw on over a pair of jeans or leggings for an easy stylish look! In this post we’ll show you some want of our styling tips for ponchos!

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  1. Add Denim! Adding layers under your poncho can really make the look. It can also keep you warm on those chilly fall days!  We love how this denim shirt looks under our Ombre Fever Poncho! Don’t be afraid to pair with jeans, it’s double the fun!!

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2. If you are worried about your poncho or wrap looking too big, try adding a belt at the waist or hips! Adding a belt will give more versatility to your poncho! We are in love with how this belt looks with our Sun Valley Wrap!!


3. Adding a beautiful necklace can wholesale jerseys instantly dress up your poncho. We love pairing Cheap NFL Jerseys different color jewels with this gorgeous Austin Wrap!!


4. Say Hello to Boho Chic!! We love how this black floppy hat looks with our Telluride Wrap! Look great rain or shine!

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