Since C & C travel to NYC several times a year they are always on the hunt for the latest and greatest new restaurants! So they teamed up with their southern-born friend and foodie, Callie Lyons. Callie brought her southern roots to the city and is an expert on all the NYC hot spots! Check out all these fabulous recommendations from Callie.


The Spotted Pig.

West Village.

This is the first place I recommend to visitors to the city. A two-story restaurant in an extremely old quaint brownstone in the heart of the West Village, the Spotted Pig is perfect for atmosphere, location, cocktails, and the FOOD (particularly the burger with shoe-string fries). They do not take reservations, but you somehow don’t even mind the hour-and-a-half wait in a place like this.

Charlie Bird - New York, NY

Charlie Bird.


This restaurant opened up around the corner from me the summer I moved to New York so it has always been a favorite of mine. Their outdoor patio allows for excellent Soho people watching. Any restaurant that blares 90’s hip-hop while serving up excellent pasta and an endless wine list is a 10 in my book!


Blue Ribbon Sushi.


Hands down the best sushi I’ve had in NYC (the menu is even divided by what coast the fish came from that day), and its dark underground vibe makes it all the more cool.  Also, come here if you want to “casually” bump into a celebrity. 



Lower East Side.

One of my favorite brunch spots in the city, this hipster stomping ground is an absolute must for brunch. The décor feels like an old cabin in the woods, and all of the taxidermy on the walls feels like I’m back home in Mississippi. Come here for a great photo op down Freeman’s Alley, and for the Bloody Maria- the classic, but with jalapeño infused tequila instead. 




The best pizza in NYC! This place does not take reservations, so you will have to wait- but the hostess will even tell you to leave and grab a drink down the block and check back in. The vodka sauce pizza and the ricotta ravioli- do it, you won’t regret it.


West Village.

If you are a foodie, Barbuto is the place to go. Owned my renowned chef Jonathan Waxman, the restaurant is fairly large for the West Village and is located inside of an old garage. I love the JW chicken and the gnocchi, but you can’t go wrong!

About Callie

1. How do you know the Willow girls

Willow is always one of my first stops while in Rosemary or Seaside for the weekend. It is so nice to come to a boutique store with so many of my favorite designers under one roof! This concept seems to be lost on NYC. As for Cindy and Celia, I have known Cindy for a while because my parents are very close with her husband’s parents- I consider the Krutz’s family. I actually met Celia while shopping in Willow a while back. I mentioned that I live in NYC, and she asked for a few restaurant recommendations. And as I’m sure you can imagine, my list was not short!

2. How did you end up in NYC and what do you do there?

I am from Jackson, MS, went to Mississippi State for undergrad, and then to Ole Miss for pharmacy school. When I (finally) finished school I knew I wanted to get out, and New York had always been on my radar as sort of a ‘bucket list’ place to live. Fortunately, I applied to several pharmacy residencies in the city and matched at Mount Sinai. I now work in sales for a specialty pharmacy company in the Financial District.

3. What is your fav thing about living in NYC

This is easy. There are so many things to do and see- I almost never eat anywhere or do anything twice!

4. what is your fav thing to do on 30a

I have been coming down to 30A for about 10 years now, and before that Destin for many years. My parents and relatives have condos in Rosemary Beach and Seacrest Beach, so it’s always a fun family affair. After spending a while in the city, it is so nice to have this tiny beach town to come home to- where I still don’t need to worry with a car! My musts for 30A are: riding bikes to the donut truck at Alys, walking down Main Street in Rosemary to catch some live music at Edward’s, Bud and Alley’s for the smoked tuna dip in Seaside (where I will undoubtedly make a pit stop in Willow), and ending the day with a cocktail at Crabby Steve’s beach bar in Seacrest- the only place to watch a sunset in my opinion!

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